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Mashroom Cultivation Project

Mashroom Cultivation Project: For increaseing income of farmers we have plan to provide mashroom seed to the farmers and technical advise. We have done our first Mashroom project in 2021 and facilitate 115 farmers.

Benefits of mashroom project to the Farmers:

1- Technical advise and assistance.

2-Providing seeds and other material for mashroom project.

3- Taking care of crops untill it will ready.

4- Searching market for ready Mashrooms.

5- They will get payment in cash. There is no credit system.

6- Organising health care camps for them and their family

7- Education stationary to the their children. 

8-  Providing Technology, Machines, and other instruments time to time.

9-  Other income sources for  their family, like achar, papad, and so many small scale businesses which they can start from home.

10- Investment planning and saving schemes by the Government.

We are providng above facilities to the farmers, who want to do dedicated and sincere work. 


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