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Object Of Arth Shakti Foundation

Cultural, Educational, Social Condition

To improve cultural, educational and social condition of the people under take multidisciplinary programs and work for democracy, good cooperation including NGOs cooperation and coordination programs. To open library for higher education.


Investment Planning Awareness

To create awareness amongst people for investment planning schemes.

Economic Awareness & Welfare

To work for the economic development of India by doing economic research, analysis, time to time seminars and other related things. To work in the field of economic welfare of the people by all prospective measures.

Economic Research & Development

To work for the economic research of India thus sustaining the economic development. To take all prospect measures that will yield in economic prosperity of our country.

Rural Education

To work for the rural education and help underprivileged children in getting education.


To work for the healthcare of children and adults by providing them free medicines, conducting health camps, opening hospitals and dispensaries.

To undertake , encourage and develop alternative system of medicine, yunani medicine , Indian medicine, physiotherapy, Ayurvedic, homeopathy, Yoga , Acupressure , Acupuncture and to reduce and check morbidity , mortality and fertility activate health outreach programs and train health workers to promote preventive and curative health services and combat drug abuse and alcoholism including promotion of scientific temper.

To detect spread of HIV infection and make appropriate strategy for prevention and control , other highly sensitive disease care and cure, intensive immunization family planning and population control as well as undertake all programs of health and family welfare including reproductive maternal and child health care.

Helping Differently Abled People

To work for the physically handicapped people helping blind, deaf, dumb and other handicap people by providing them education and vocational courses.

For Elders

To open old age home for the elderly and old people.

Hospitals for Animals

To open hospitals for the animals so that they can get proper treatment.

Girl Marriage and Livelihood

To help poor girls in their marriages and livelihood.

Women Education

To open sewing learning centers for women and rural women so that they can earn their livelihood.

Skill Education

To impart skill education to the youth for making them self dependent and also open skill learning centers.

To promote , organize or undertake effective universal primary education, non-formal education , vocational education guidance, literacy , access to information an life skills , training in computer and information technologies , conversion of traditional Indian languages in multinational languages and accordingly software development including, promotion of Indian modern languages.

Social Awareness

To create social awareness among women, children and youth on women safety, girl child education, abolition of girl infanticide and all other social factors.

Some more Important Social Works & Improvements:

To fill the gap of economic divide between poor and rich undertake the programs of poverty eradication, vocational training, and tribal and indigenous people development including community-based rehabilitation.

Free Legal Advise and Knowledge

To provide legal aid to the socially disadvantaged groups, old aged senior citizens, minority, tribal, dalit, backward, abused women, landless laborers and protect and support their interest including prevention of communal riots.

Implementation of Government Schemes

To provide Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana Government has introduced a new scheme called Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, which will help in generating awareness and improving the efficiency of delivery of welfare services meant for women with an initial corpus.

Other Approaches

5.20 To undertake programs of urban development, slum community development, civic amenities and public service, assist in the activities of pollution and waste management and clean culverts, septic tanks and drains for better public health and participate in designing constructing erecting, commissioning, operating and maintaining sewage treatment plants for treatment and disposal of biomedical waste.

5.24 To mange and administer an orphanage old age home, nursing home. hospital , library , reading room , trust , school , college and other institution irrespective of cast creed or special status and take over absorb or amalgamate with any other society or trust or association in which the society may be interested.

5.26 To implement the various Government projects/programs like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao programme, a flagship initiative to address issues that affect women, and also reverse the trend of an adverse and declining child sex ratio.

5.27 To eradicate the system of open defecation in India and to convert the in sanitary toilets into pour flush toilets.

5.28 To make people aware of healthy sanitation practices by bringing behavioral changes in people and to link people with the programmes of sanitation and public health in order to generate public awareness.

5.29 To build up the urban local bodies strong in order to design, execute and operate all systems related to cleanliness and to completely start the scientific processing, disposals reuse and recycling the Municipal Solid Waste.

5.30 To provide required environment for the private sectors to get participated in the Capital Expenditure for all the operations and maintenance costs related to the clean campaign.

5.31 To provided build awareness of business innovations that accelerate women’s empowerment and have a real impact on the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

5.32 To arrange marriages of adult female and male candidates irrespective of caste creed or color and encourage inter caste marriages in building healthy society and infuse in couples a sense of pride in nationally accepted value and develop consciousness against social evil.

5.33 To conduct and contract for training and research connected with the integrated development of forest resources of the islands and cultivation as well as processing of agricultural, plantation and horticultural crops, medicinal and aromatic plants.

5.34 To promote and advocate Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language.

5.35 To make night shelters like Rain Basera for homeless people in India so that they can get a Place to live during extreme weather conditions of summer, rain and winters.

5.36 To provide durries, blankets, covered and enclosed structure, water, toilets and electricity in all night shelters.

5.37 To participate in all emerging issues whenever occurs on national and/or international arena and to do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as incidental and conducive to the attainment of the objects or any one of them.


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